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Gernika Peace Museum

Museo de la Paz de Gernika

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  • No 
                        está permitido fumar. Smoking is not allowed.
  • No está permitido entrar al museo con bultos grandes 
                        (mochilas, bolsas, paraguas) deberán depositarse 
                        en lo espacios habilitados para su custodia. Large bags (backpacks, bags, umbrellas) are not allowed inside the museum and must be left in the area assigned for it.
  • It 
                        is allowed to take photos or film inside the museum.It is allowed to take photos or film inside the museum.
  • No está permitido comer dentro del museo.It is not allowed to eat inside the museum.
  • No está permitida la entrada de animales No está permitida la entrada de animales salvo perros guia Animals cannot enter the building except guide dogs for the blind.
  •  Los niños deberán ir acompañados 
                        de un adulto  No deje que toquen los objetos del museo 
                        ni que corran por las salas, puesto que esto podría 
                        molestar a otros visitantes Children must be accompanied by an adult. They are not allowed to touch objects in the museum or run about since this may bother other visitors.
  • No 
                        toque los objetos del museoDo not touch museum objects (glass exhibitors, exhibition objects, photos). They are fragile and may be damaged.
  • ascensorThe museum has a lift (elevator) which can be taken from the sidewalk or at the entrance and makes access easier for the handicapped or disabled.