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Gernika Peace Museum

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Spiritual figures: Passages of Peace in the Plaza of Fire and Light'' installation
2005/01/01 - 0000/00/00
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Art work along the lines of the 2001 installation designed by the Australian artist William Kelly and arranged by the Gernika Peace Museum Foundation, Gernika Gogoratuz and the Gernika Cultural Centre.

Before us came surprising people, people who achieved great feats - Mahatma Gandhi, Martin Luther King Jr., artists such as Hermann Hesse, Kathe Kollwitz, John Lennon and others. Unlike other "heroes", we do no live in their shadow, but rather we live in their light. From their spirits we obtain wisdom, truth, worlds and "passages" to light up our path.
For each great person of peace we know, there are 10,000 or more "normal people" - friends, relatives or survivors who have made the journey from accepting violence and war as normal and inevitable to realising that "there is no natural law" ruling that our sons and daughters must suffer the consequences of war, hunger and xenophobia ... "A radical solution is peace".
The silhouettes are like the spirits of pacifiers whom we have never known, but they are our fellow travellers, sentries of memory and reconciliation, there to remind us that, even though we have shared the path to arrive in Gernika, at the end of the day the road to peace is a solo journey.
Here in Plaza de los Fueros, in the "Plaza of Fire and Light: Plaza of the Pacifiers", a flame has been lit for us and our sons and daughters by the survivors of the bombing. What we do with this flame is our responsibility.

William Kelly



Gernika Peace Museum Foundation, Gernika Gogoratuz and the Gernika Cultural Centre.

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