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8th edition of the Artivist Sailing. Blue Economy.
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During the 8th edition of the Artivist Sailing (17-18 June in Busturia, Biscaye) will sail through the Blue Economy, talking in Dialogue Circles and working in a Laboratory about another kind of economy.

Blue Economy is an economic paradigm created by the Belgian entrepreneur Gunter Pauli (founder and director of the global network ZERI, Zero Emissions Research Initiative). The Blue Economy goes further than other models that have been demonstrated as ineffective: a financial economy based on the credit and the debt, and the green economy which consists on preserving the environment with the help of large investments. The Blue Economy comes from the consciousness accumulated during millions of years for the environment. What is more, it suggests the use of “what it is available at local level”, and it relates the environmental problems and it connects them with scientific solutions that are open and coherent with the natural processes. The objective of Blue Economy is to create beneficial interactions for both the environment and the society and the global economy. The Blue Economy suggests changing the industrial processes in order to use technologies that are simpler and cleaner instead of using high energetic cost resources. Nevertheless, it also has the intention to transform the society from the deprivation to the abundance.

On the occasion of the 8th Edition of the Artivist Sailing that will take place in the Biodiversity Centre of Euskadi, we invite three representatives of the Blue Economy: Siemen Cox, founder of the urban agriculture company RotterZwam (Rotterdam); Azaro Foundation, an organization which is introducing this model in a region from Biscay called Lea-Artibai; and Alexander Prinsen, who is an expert on Blue Economy and coworker of Gunter Pauli.

Friday, the 17th of June, from 6pm to 9pm.
(Madariaga Tower, Biodiversity Centre of Euskadi, Busturia, Biscay, Basque Country)

We will create a Circle of Dialogue. In the Circle, within other social and economical agencies, Siemen Cox will expose a case of the “glocal” scale, Azaro Foundation will show a local vision and, finally, Alexander Prinsen will open the spectre to diverse applications of Blue Economy. The purpose of the Circle is to inspire through these testimonies in order to arouse curiosity and the dialogue with local agencies because that is the “blue vision” of our close economic system.

Saturday, the 18th of June, from 10am to 2pm and from 4pm to 7pm.
(Madariaga Tower, Biodiversity Centre of Euskadi, Busturia, Biscay, Basque Country)

We will do a Laboratory session on the base of a Design Thinking process. There will be two possible approaches: 1) Challenges “Blue Economy” comes about from all the different cases presented by the local entrepreneurs/agencies; and 2) Possibilities “Blue Economy” that offer raw materials of the region. Depending on the challenges or on the possibilities we go over three phases: 1) proposal of the challenges (desirability); 2) crystallization and prototype of the ideas inspired on the challenges (feasibility); and 3) definition of the two or three consecutive steps (viability).


Siemen Cox (Rotterdam, the Netherlands)
“After working 15 years for banks and insurance companies, I have ended up having no feeling with that sector since it only focuses on the economic growth and on the little attention to the care of the client. It was time for a change.
What would I like to do if the money was not an impediment? I would contribute in creating a more resistant and sustainable society. After forming in apiculture, adobe constructions and permaculture, I found the sense of the circular economy. The book of Blue Economy by Gunter Pauli was a special inspiration.
In January of 2003 I founded RotterZwam, an enterprise in the centre of Rotterdam which cultivates oyster mushrooms (pleurotus ostreatus) from coffee remains. We distribute the oyster mushrooms (of great nutritious and gastronomic value) in the restaurants and supermarkets of Rotterdam.
We have learned all we know thanks to all the literature existent and after lots of practice and mistakes. Since we like the open code, we share our knowledge with the world and the world shares it back with us. We have built an extended global network and, therefore, we know what works well and where.
We initiated the Mushroom Learning Network, we accepted the Mushroom Master Program and we are cofounders of BlueCity. Thanks to these activities we hope to inspire other entrepreneurs so they carry out this model in the cities and countries of all over the world.”

Azaro Foundation (Lea-Artibai, Bizkaia)
The purpose of this organization is to propel the creation of new enterprises and the improvement of the rivalry of business fabric in the region of Lea-Artibai. With a view to the renovation of business fabric of the region, Azaro promotes innovational and undertaking projects, preferably in the area of health, healthy diet and wellness. In addition, Azaroa stimulates the rivalry of business fabric in the region by means of undertaking, cooperation, innovation, interactionalization and redefinition of business and management models. Its methodological approach articulates around two ideas: a systematic conception of the local development and Blue Economy. In particular, Azaro Foundation has move closer to the model of Blue Economy through Gunter Pauli. And now, the region of Lea-Artibai is immersed in a process of identification and implantation of business projects that are environmentally and economically sustainable for the creation of new jobs.

Alexander Prinsen (planet Earth)
«I am an independent investigator, trainer and entrepreneur. I obtained the title of Civil Engineer at the Delft University of Technology (the Netherlands) and I worked for 10 years as corporate recruiter and team builder supporting people and organizations so they could reach their aspirations.
In 2014 I created MBA, Master of Beautiful Achievements and now I investigate at the University of Life to (re)learn physics, chemistry, biology, manufacture and undertaking. I meet and practice in global level with businessmen and businesswomen, designers and scientists to learn about their knowledge, innovations and sustainable business models.
My mentors have taught me to look at the nature as our mayor source of inspiration since it has more than three thousand and eight hundred million years of wisdom. Nature can teach as how to create innovations and business models without producing waste. Inspired by Blue Economy I am changing the consciousness of Nature, Biomimicry, Open Code and Entrepreneurial Spirit to create better business opportunities that do the good for everyone with abundance of food, drinking water and employment.
I work as orator, moderator and mentor worldwide at schools, universities, enterprises and organizations. It is time to start making and stop talking: “do it or not do it, but here there are no attempts.”»




Gernika Peace Museum, Gernika Gogoratuz and Donostia 2016

Collaboration: Madariaga Dorretxea

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