In this fast world where new technologies are now part of our daily lives, our leisure, our new way of communicating, the museums also have much to say. That is why we, from a museum (Gernika Peace Museum) as important and necessary as yet unknown to many visitors, we want to do our bit, and we join these social networks that make places distant in miles or kms become our «cyberspace neighbors. »
The netizens, friends and visitors  that , through this blog,  want to know more about what we do (on issues of history, culture of peace, human rights), values that we work with,  have the opportunity to go deeper in the knowledge  of what they are the Peace Museums and/or the Museums for Peace in the world and how they work.

Serve this first small post to welcome you all to this blog of the Gernika Peace Museum (www.peacemuseumguernica.org) and to invite you to participate in it (through your suggestions, comments …) as actively as possible. You are invited to participate in any of the four working languages of the museum (Basque, spanish, english and french).


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