These days we have in the Gernika Peace Museum a fascinating exhibition that can make us reflect on so many places we have in our own surroundings, on which we think we know everything and those who we don’t really  know the dark past they had during the Spanish Civil War.

Nice places, at first glance, in the current panoramic photographs of the artist Ana Teresa Ortega, hiding places filled with suffering: concentration camps, prisons enabled where thousands and thousands of people spent their last days or suffered greatly. Most still do not even maintain an explanatory plaque that talks about the turbulent past, a minimum memory of all those people who left their blood, sweat and tears between these walls.

 This forgetfulness, those unspoken map references, make that something that in other countries such as Germany, France etc are places of memory, in Spain are places of forgetfulness, of a past that many want to delete and others, can never remember due to their terrible ignorance of the subject .

Let make a healthy exercise to remember or know what was the school where my children study nowadays,  in 1937, the Plaza de Toros of my town, the seminar of the other village … No not turn the page of this terrible Civil War that our grandparents lived and suffered, but to see those everyday places … with another look… deeper, in a more responsible way.


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