After several months of inactivity  in our blog (How hard is finding time for daily activities, blogging  about the Museum, and have something interesting to say) we write a  new post.

Today, it has not been necessary to squeeze the head to know what to write about, today we feel LUCKY.

Today (after the announcement yesterday of the end of the violence by ETA and so many years of terror and suffering) is a happy day. A day in the history in which the senselessness of the E.T.A violence, is beginning to find its place, not so much in the street but in a museum, like the Gernika Peace Museum (unique in the Basque Country and Spain), outside the glare of the television news and discussions of our society and inside our museum windows,  to talk about what should never be repeated and, therefore, should not be forgotten.

 All these years must stay in a place of our memory (or memories) that make the terrible suffering and pain of the victims (so invisible quite often) not to be forgotten in a way that, the new generations can learn more about a horror that they did not have to live.

Today more than ever, we have the need of changing  the design of  “The forest”, that room at Gernika Peace Museum  (  where we talk about what was happening with the violence in the Basque Country . This room should give way to one or many exhibitions (temporary, permanent or mobile) where we remember what happened and also talk about the present, the difficult but exciting road to go. So that we can talk about negative peace which remains after direct violence (which is like the tip of an iceberg that we begin to see as crumbling, but  that in its depths have still other kinds of violence (cultural, structural) less visible , but where much work must be done).

 Hard work, but also very exciting and hopeful and, above all, a reminder to all the people who could not get to see and live this day, this new stage, but should be kept in our memories.
Today is a day dedicated to all those who have always believed that the only possible way is the one  of PEACE and that no ideal is worth more than an innocent life.


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