«The world is over-armed and peace is underfunded» (Ban Ki-moon UN Secretary General). There is still a lot of money and people with good intentions who wants to donate a portion of all the money that has to take actions aimed at promoting a culture of peace.

And this is not something new, something that is fashionable … Is something that few people (among all millionaires and billionaires around the world) can be proud to say they do.

Peace Philanthropy– something that for people that work on these issues (always so precariously contrary to all the money that is given to themes of war) – it seems almost non-existent, it appears that existed and exists (Do you know someone  in Euskadi or Spain?).

The INMP The International Network of Museums for Peace, of which the  Gernika Peace Museum participate actively, wanted to emphasize this way of contributing to a better world by organizing two exciting activities, leveraging and collaborating with the Peace Palace in The Hague (Netherlands) that celebrates its centennial throughout 2013.

The first activity will be the  Congress «Peace Philanthropy: Then and now»  to be held in The Hague (Netherlands) on 2nd and 3th September 2013. You can find more information and sign up to it through the web

The second activity will be temporary and traveling exhibition «Peace Philanthropy: Then and Now» which gives an overview of the great fortunes of the world who decided (Carnegie, Smiley, Nobel, Bloch, Ford, Rockefeller …) or have decided (Gates Foundation, Turner, Branson, Soros, Vfonds, Rotary …) to donate part of his big money issues culture of peace. More information about the expo in

Nowadays when global inequalities are increasing and in which the planet’s wealth is distributed only in the hands of a few, it seems that, at least there should be more peace philanthropy. But unfortunately, it seems that the message has not reached the ears of those millionaires and billionaires who concentrate their fortunes and spend some «crumbs», if it comes, to the culture of peace and all that it has to do with the contribution for a better future for our world.
Hopefully this conference and this exhibition will serve at least, to identify individuals, businessesmen and companies that  decided it’s worth practicing peace philanthropy  and that will invest their money on activities and creation of new Peace museums or museums for peace  (as ours) that nowadays are more than underfunded.


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