The Gernika Peace Museum has been,  for many years, working actively and collaborating with many networks (national and international) that address the issues discussed by us, such as Memory (Network of Museums and memory ICOM: IC-MEMO  ; Sites of Conscience ) Museums and Peace (International Network of Museums for Peace INMP ), Peace and Human Rights (Spanish Association of peace research AIPAZ  and Forum of Association on education on Peace and Human Rights ).

This year 2011 our collaboration on these networks will be intense:
This past weekend (25 and 26 March), the Museum participated in the Seminar on Human Rights and Peacebuilding in the Basque Country, interesting seminar where we worked and make reflections on these issues. Also the Museum hosted  two General Assemblies, one of  AIPAZ (Spanish Association of peace research )and the Forum of Association on education on Peace and Human Rights. At this meeting (Forum) it was approved the Working Plan for 2011 and renewed the Board as follows:

– President: Gorka Ruiz (Bakeola – EDE taldea)
– Vice-president: Monika Vázquez (Unesco Etxea)
– Secretary: Lucía Gorbeña (Geuz)
– Treasurer: Mila García de la Torre (Fundación Fernando Buesa)
– Other members of the Board: María Oianguren (Gernika Gogoratuz), Josu Ugarte (Bakeaz)  y Joseba Alzola (Fundación Itaka – Escolapios)

In early May, the museum will actively participate in the organization of the Seventh International Conference of Museums for Peace, under the theme «The Role of Museums in the transformation of a Culture of War and violence to a Culture of Peace and Nonviolence » that will be held in Barcelona (more information ) from 4th  to 7th  May.

In late May, also the Gernika Peace Museum will participate with a presentation at the International Conference «World Conference on  memorial museums: memory and justice» co-organized by the Museum of Dominican Resistance and the IC-MEMO

(more information at )

In July and October there will be new opportunities for the museum to network.
Without this difficult and arduous, but rewarding networking, our mission would not have much sense, since not only we learn from our memories, but from other memories, from the events that has happened in so many places and we learn a lot too from the experiences of many other people around the world working on these issues.

I really believe that the XXI st century is the century of networking, and the Gernika Peace Museum, being a museum of this century do so, working in partnership with numerous global networks.


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