We would like to present the programme “Grammatical bodies” of the group Agroarte with Gernika’s bombing 80th anniversary and within the framework of the 7th Meeting of Art and Peace. “Grammatical bodies” is a participatory process which aims at creating a space of action art and memory meant to contribute to the peace building, symbolic redress and peaceful resistance at a local and global level.

Eighty years ago, thousands of people were forced to flee into exile as a consequence of the Civil War, and, even nowadays, the amount of the anonymous persons disappeared/buried in mass graves is still significant.  In the current overall context of unprecedented forced displacements millions of refugees are willing to return home or claim a place where to take root. Memory, forcible displacement, refuge, uprooting are today’s realities that move us towards performing an action by means of which the participants demand truth, justice and remediation by making use of their bodies at a symbolic level.


18:00-20:00 Introduction to the project “Grammatical bodies”, Agroarte* group, at La Bolsa, Bilbao.


Meeting with students and teachers of school centers in Bizkaia (Balmaseda, Bilbao and Gernika) and Gipuzkoa (Donostia and Zarautz). Bakeola.


9:30-14:30 / 18:00-20:00  7th Meeting of Art and Peace. Elai Alai Aretoa (premises) in Gernika.


10:00-14:00 “Grammatical bodies” symbolic performative action

18:00-20:00 Hip-hop and Rap concerts. Pablo Picasso Street, Gernika.

*Agroarte group emerges as a process of resistance to the bombing carried out by the military force Orion in the Escombrera construction debris dump in Medellín (Colombia) used to hide the bodies of the missing persons. Agroarte is a group that generates memory and resistance actions. The experience of “Grammatical bodies” sets forth two important action lines: the seed placement  and the art.

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