The artwork made by the artists William Kelly and Alex Carrascosa for every year Gernika Award por Peace and Reconciliation

Yesterday it failed for the seventh time the award winners for 2011 Gernika Awards for Peace and Reconciliation.

These awards Gernika for Peace and Reconciliation were established  in 2005 by the municipalities of Gernika-Lumo and Pforzheim, the Gernika Peace Museum Foundation, Culture House of Gernika-Lumo, Gernika Gogoratuz and Basque-German partnership Wilhelm von Humboldt in order to make public the appreciation of the contribution to the Peace Building and promoting reconciliation, Human Rights and Social Justice. There have always been two awards: one dedicated to the not so well known people working for peace and , the other dedicated to personalities that have worked, nationally or internationally in  Building Peace and Promoting Reconciliation .

The winners in recent years have been:
2005: Michael Kasper and Juan Gutierrez
2006: 1000 Women for Peace and local workshops Elkarri
2007: The group of women and men surviving witnesses of the bombing of Gernika and Adolfo Pérez Esquivel
2008: Candido Saseta  and Dekha Ibrahim Abdi
2009: 1936-1977 Ahaztuak and Petra Kelly
2010: José Antonio Aguirre, Mayors for Peace and Fundacion Vicente Ferrer
2011: Local History Group and Gerry Adams Gernikazarra

There have been many nominations without winning the prize that deserve a mention for having been nominated for these awards, such as Aminatu Haidar, William Kelly, MSF, Gesto por la Paz …


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