When we think on museums, it usually come to our mind the museums of Contemporary Art, Fine Arts, Science and History , but many people are surprised to learn that there are peace museums and museums for peace.

In Japan, you may not ask these questions so frequently, because the number of Museums for peace is so important there, that they know them quite well.

 The International Network of Museums for Peace was born in 1992 and for the last 19 years it has been working tirelessly to make small museums for peace from around the world – with important messages to offer  to this world of endless, cruel and unnecessary wars-more popular, help them to get more resources, to make possible that  the Culture of Peace and respect have similar or greater mass-media and economic impact as, now and always, the conflicts had.

This year, this time in Barcelona, directors and officers of numerous museums for peace in the world (Spain, Japan, Switzerland, Norway, United States, Korea, Pakistan, Italy, Germany, India …) will gather at the 7th International Conference of  Museum for Peace, under the slogan “The role of museums in the transformation of a culture of war and violence into a culture of peace and nonviolence”, organized by the INMP in collaboration with Barcelona International Peace Resource Center.

Through an extensive and interesting four day program (May 4-7 2011) Montjuic Castle will host interesting and necessary discussions on the role of municipalities in favor of peace, the possibilities of transformation of places with symbolic negative charge, war museums etc into museums for peace , on how to design museums for peace, the role of education  at museums for peace …

The Gernika Peace Museum (www.peacemuseumguernica.org ) has been working hard on implementing the program of this conference, as an active member of International Network of Museums for Peace (INMP www.museumsforpeace.org ) and will present a paper about the educational workshops with young people, groups and families of the museum to work for the Culture of Peace and Human Rights.

More information and conference program at the network’s Web www.museumsforpeace.org


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