Social transformation in people’s daily life.

The Theatre of the Oppressed (TO) is a method and theatre movement created by the playwright Augusto Boal at the beginning of the 70’s. When it comes to the Theatre of the Oppressed, the spectator observes the representation of existing conflicts and their taking part in the scene transforms reality; the spectator becomes consciously  and voluntarily the spectactor.

 During this course, Birgit Fritz, Ronald Matthijssen and Sanjoy Ganguly will introduce us to a model based on dramaturgy and art, compressed in the InExActArt masterpiece which shows a dialogue that enables us to create a different sensitivity on what is going on, a recapture of the language, life and surrounding world , and which defines the Theatre of the Oppressed as a reconstruction of stories (individual and collective) of internalised oppression. A theatre of dialogue, not answers, which trusts collective intelligence, which empowers community as the director of its own situation. A Theatre of everyday stories provided that life itself is merely a political issue.

“The meeting as Bella Arte, as an artistic aeffective and creactive work of personal transformation, the group and the setting”, Alex Carrascosa, 2016.

The schedule of the training course 2017/2018

    -26-27/10/2017. 1st Module: The origin and methodology of the Theatre of the Oppressed.

Trainer: Birgit Fritz (Austria)

  • Theoretical framework.
  • Corporal exploration and consciousness. Drills and games.
  • Image theatre and polarisations.

Grammatical Bodies: On the 28th October the  “Grammatical Bodies” symbolic action will be performed by the group AgroArte (Medellín, Colombia) within the frame of the “7th International Meeting of Art and Peace: Memory and Space in the urban art”, on Pablo Picasso Street in Gernika.

-8-10/02/2018: 2nd Module: Theatre-Forum. Everyday conflicts and social reflection analysis. Trainer: Birgit Fritz (Austria)

  • How to attain a Theatre-Forum artwork.
  • Systemic constellation scenes of Theatre-Forum.
  • The art of being a “Joker”

-10-12/05/2018. 3rd Module: Re-presentations and self-representations. Trainer: Ronald Matthijssen (Netherlands/Austria)

  • Media Theatre and Image Theatre.
  • The influence of the media and social networks on the body and mind.

The transformation of social realities into ideological non-realities and how to reverse the process (how to fight “fake news” and “framing”).

-5-7/07/2018: 4th Module: Introspective techniques and paths towards the horizon (sustainability). Trainer: Birgit Fritz (Austria)

  • The rainbow of desire
  • Processes, awareness, space-body relation.
  • Oppression and fear: origin and consequences. Individual analysis and collective memory.
  • No judgement.

-18-20/10/2017. Master Class. Sanjoy Ganguly, director of the movement Jana Sanskriti and co-founder of JSIRRI Institute, India.

Co-creation of artistic-political work (ARTivism) between the south and the north.

The training course will be held in Spanish.

There will be practice groups of people that will meet between modules.

PLACE: Harrobia, Otxarkoaga (Bizkaia).

TIMETABLE: 9:30-14:30 y 16:30-19:30.

The training relies on the counselling and collaboration of JSRRI Institute “Jana Sanskriti International Resource and Research Institute” (India).

Intended for people that work at community level, students and scenic art professionals, formal and non-formal education teachers of social sciences and humanities, and for people that attempt to transform conflicts in a creActive way and create opportunities for mutual relating by means of artistic languages.

ENROLLMENT FEE FOR THE THREE MODULS: 150€ per module/100€ for unemployed and students.

MASTER CLASS: 200€ /150€for unemployed and students.

INFORMATION: Harrobia. / / 944597747

ORGANISATION: Gernika Gogoratuz, The Gernika Peace Museum and Harrobia.


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